From broccoli and cucumbers to sweet corn, field crops such as these bring nutritious, colorful additions to dinner plates around the world. More than one-third of the country’s vegetables come [...]


Cotton is the nation’s basic resource of consumer and industrial products. It is used in clothing and home furnishings, and cottonseed can be used as feed for livestock, dairy cattle and [...]


An important forage crop for livestock around the world, alfalfa hay is most valuable in California as feed for dairy cows, supplying the state’s top industry with more than 800,000 harvested [...]


Wheat, barley and oats are just a few examples of the grains grown in the fields managed by Pitigliano Farms. Some of our clients produce the cereal that fills breakfast bowls around the country.

Dairy Inputs

Keeping heifers happy and healthy means proper nutrition in the form of barley, corn, oat, sorghum, triticale and wheat silage. Pitigliano Farms can grow the proper mix for your dairy and keep [...]